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Go Business

Create opportunities for your business idea with us

Go Business is the incubator for creative and innovative entrepreneurs in northern Sweden. We help you realize your business dream. With us, you get inspiration, knowledge, individual coaching, and become part of a large community of entrepreneurs who support and motivate each other. Unfortunately we do not have programs in english just yet. But contact us if you are interested.


Since the start we have supported over 500 entrepreneurs on their businessjourneys.

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4 av 5

4 out of 5 entrepreneurs continues to pursue their dream after they have participated in some of our programs.

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91 %

91 % of all entrepreneurs would recommend others to participate in a program at Go Business.

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Incubator is Go Business’ program for you as an entrepreneur who is ready to fully invest in your business. You have already made some progress and started to get to know your market. Moreover, you have realized that it requires not only determination but also routines, time, and persistence to achieve results. In the incubator, you work in-depth on your entrepreneurship and acquire the tools to step up your efforts in advancing the company and achieving your business goals.

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Hangout is Go Business’ program designed for those who have a newly started business that needs a kickstart or for individuals with a small business alongside their studies or job that they want to further develop. In Hangout, you could explore your business idea further, learn more about creative entrepreneurship, and become part of a dedicated community with other budding entrepreneurs.

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